Over the last five years, JAY KUBASSEK went from selling mufflers at a Midas franchise to revolutionizing the internet based business industry with the 2007 launch of CarbonCopyPRO, an internet marketing education company, now worth over $20 million with customers in over 160 countries co-owned by his business partner, Aaron Parkinson; and the successful launch of his indie film production and distribution company Aliquot Films which is currently producing and distributing films with Spike Lee* and Abel Ferrera (starring Ethan Hawke and Dennis Hopper.)

Jay’s entrepreneurial spirit is irrepressible. At the age of 19 he was managing his family’s farm in Canada and speaking at innovative conferences about sustainable agriculture. He’s the owner of six companies, a professional speaker and trainer, international real estate developer/investor, extreme sport enthusiast and gear-head, emerging philanthropist, and member of the US National Elephant Polo team.

2008 represented a high-water mark in Jay’s oeuvre. In addition to the BiB launch, Chelsea on the Rocks, his first film, debuted at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival to solid reviews and opens in theaters this fall. He was a lead driver in the grueling 2008 Baja 1000 off-road race and unlike 85% of the drivers, actually finished the longest and most dangerous point to point off-road race in the world. And, in December of ‘08 his elephant polo team he won silver medal in the World Elephant Polo Association championships in southern Nepal.

Jay’s drive to develop new business opportunities is matched only by his desire to give back to causes he believes in. The Name Campaign in Africa, The Children’s Institute for Autism, The Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp, Mount Sinai Juvenile Diabetes, and The National Breast Cancer Foundation are among the recipients of his philanthropic generosity.

Jay Kubassek resides in NYC with his wife Jamie, son Milo and dog Cooper.

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